How to Use Becalm Balls

Becalm Balls – Instructional Video from Robert Harris on Vimeo.

Becalm Balls are best used when lying down on a comfortable surface. To maximize benefits ensure hydration and use for 5-15 minutes.  At the correct setting you should experience immediate effects.

img_2582 While lying down, line up becalm balls at the same level as your eyes. Balls should not slip up or down (to neck).
img_2627 Adjust their width to match your eyes, or slightly wider. You should feel cradled with a gentle inward pressure.


potential immediate effects

  • relaxation, increased sense of gravity
  • reduced pain
  • settled stomach (with possible gurgles)
  • reduced stress
  • slowed breath
  • calm mind, meditative ease
  • increased mental focus
  • renewed vitality

how NOT to use becalm balls


Too Wide
Head is being uncomfortably
squeezed between the balls.
Too Close
img_2635 Head is resting up
on top of the balls.

Please note when NOT to use Becalm Balls:

  • within 4 months of intra-cranial bleeds or serious head injury
  • during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • when pregnant by pharmaceutical intervention
  • with a cerebral aneurism
  • with brain tumours