How to use BackBalls

For general back pain, tension or stiffness

BackBalls are used lying down, placed lengthwise and centered along your spine.  Lay on a bed, mat or the floor – wherever offers the most comfort. BackBalls are not intended to be used crosswise.

The central area of the BackBalls is designed to be the most firm. When placing them under the back, have the center of the balls under the area where you feel the most restriction (stiffness or tightness).




BackBalls work by providing a gentle fulcrum and a gradual, continuous lengthening to restricted areas. If you choose to use a pillow under your head while lying on the BackBalls, the pressure produced will feel gentler. Using BackBalls while on a bed or a mat also produces a gentler effect, while some prefer to intensify the release by raising the unit on a book, or using BackBalls on a harder surface such as the floor.

When used along the thoracic spine (behind chest area), BackBalls also offer benefits to individual restricted ribs and your entire chest, as they open up your core. The width of the BackBalls is designed to move restricted ribs outwards and help free up the corresponding area of the spine. To help facilitate this process, cross your arms over your chest and gently hold the opposite shoulders. This helps the shoulder blades to move even further apart, allowing deeper access into your spine and ribs. If you are having any rib pain at the front of your chest, let the fingertips of each hand rest where your ribs meet the breastbone. While the BackBalls are helping the ribs at the back, the gentle weight of your hands will open the front side, helping to ease restrictions there too.


For headaches and upper body tension

For headaches and other upper body tension, BackBalls are placed with the top edge pushing upward against the underside of the base of the skull. By adjusting the placement you can choose the right level of force and stretch that feels most comfortable and effective. This will lengthen the head and neck and offer a decompression to the cervical vertebra and the base of the skull.


When using BackBalls at the low back or sacrum, you may want to bend your knees, have your feet flat on the ground or use a pillow behind your knees. Find the position of greatest ease.


For neck and back

For generalized tension in the head, neck and back, use multiple sets of BackBalls placed continuously along this region. The effect is essentially a whole body treatment!



Your body’s feedback

It can be common to first feel a brief intensification of your symptoms or restrictions before a release occurs. This is a normal dynamic due to the initial stretching assistance of the BackBalls. If the unit continues to feel too intense and release does not happen shortly, raise your head more (onto a pillow) or move onto to a softer surface. BackBalls are designed to provide releases that feel good.