How Becalm Balls Work

slack & relaxation
We notice the relaxing effect slack has upon stress when timelines get lengthened, or when we are offered some emotional slack. The same thing happens when receiving a hug, getting buried in the sand, climbing into a hammock, or swaddling an infant to settle them down. Becalm Balls provide a cradling slack at a particular area of the head where the slack-relaxation effect also takes place.

the stillpoint phenomenon – absolute calm
Becalm Balls are therapeutic because of their ability to bring about a ‘stillpoint’. When in ‘stillpoint’ our central nervous system and its fluid is brought from its usual state of alertness, into a state of calmness.

A stillpoint shuts off the body’s stress response, allowing the restorative system to take over. In this state of deep relaxation, the restorative system is able to soften muscle and tissue restrictions, helping to prevent the future onset of degenerative disease.

relax and renew 
When returning from the deep relaxation experienced during a stillpoint, our central nervous system essentially ‘turns back on’. As we come out of a stillpoint, there is a boost in the production and the movement of fluid bathing the central nervous system, which optimizes central nervous system functioning and overall vitality.

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