Becalm Workshops

“I am amazed at the deeply calm place this has taken me.  I feel totally relaxed, and am looking forward to taking this gift home with me, and sharing it with others”.

img_2931Robert Harris offers Finding Your Stillpoint workshops designed to empower participants with a relaxation technique that deals with stress more effectively. Regardless of background, participants discover profound and rapid relaxation with the use of Becalm Balls, helping them redefine their relationship with stress in a positive, sustainable way and enhancing their yoga, meditation or other inner practices.

By Finding Your Stillpoint, you will go home with:

  • a basic understanding of craniosacral therapy, the cranial rhythm and how they work
  • the ability to engage your own relaxation response – known as a ‘stillpoint ‘
  • skills to transform your stress and manage it in a sustainable way
  • a relaxation technique that enhances your yoga or meditation practice
  • a hands on technique to help family and friends find their ‘stillpoint’
  • a new way to cope with chronic pain and insomnia
  • a set of therapeutic Becalm Balls ($30 retail value)

Robert Harris works with:

  • meditation groups
  • yoga studios
  • teaching hospitals
  • the corporate sector
  • health care practitioners and other therapeutic communities
  • artists groups
  • non-profit organizations

img_2934_2If you or your affiliated organization are interested in co-hosting a Finding Your Stillpoint workshop, please contact us by email or 416-971-8674 to find out more.

Check the Cranial Therapy Centre’s workshop listings for upcoming Finding Your Stillpoint or Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy workshops. If none are listed, check back in a month or so for an updated list.