Becalm for Yoga

“For me, being in stillpoint is s a place of integration…it is simultaneously my time far away from myself and deep down into myself.  The stillness creates space inside of me. I am less reactionary and am less willful.  I am more patient in my yoga practice and I can improvise more easily in all aspects of my life.”Alicia Grant, Yoga Instructor.

Becalm Balls are a wonderful enhancement to your yoga practice.  You can use them before, during, or at the end of your practice, to find instant stillness and uninterrupted calm.  Finding a stillpoint with Becalm Balls also helps beginners identify and sustain meditative state with ease.


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The Ultimate Shavasana

When lying on Becalm Balls, the stillpoint experience provides an instant calm, followed by releases and a sense of renewal.  A session on the balls essentially acts as a ‘suspended’ meditation.

Better Flexibility
Recurrent sessions on Becalm Balls will reduce tissue and joint restrictions over time, encouraging more flexibility.

Meditate with ease
Accessing your stillpoint enables you to ‘turn off’ external and internal distractions and slide into an instant meditative calm.

Balancing the autonomic nervous systems
Becalm Balls encourage the body to re-establish a healthy balance between our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, reducing our disproportionate ‘stressful’ responses and enabling easier recovery from stressful events.

Your chakras
The calm induced by a stillpoint originates between the pituitary and pineal gland.  When fluid pressures of the central nervous system (CNS) are quieted, we experience the energy of the two upper transcendent centres, the sixth and seventh chakras, in a unique way.  Openness for new exploration occurs as these doorways become free of distractions normally caused by the ongoing pulse of our CNS.

Renewal of the midline
When finishing a session on Becalm Balls, our CNS rhythm essentially reboots itself, supporting central energetic channels (Ida, Pingala, and Shushumna), and revitalizing your entire self.

Resoration and repair
There are yogic benefits to our organs and organ systems through CNS support and revitalization provided by a stillpoint.