Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use my Becalm Balls?
Becalm Balls may be used multiple times in a day.

Frequent use is actually recommended (up to 5x/day) with chronic pain and degenerative conditions. Daytime use also provides welcomed feelings of renewal and restoration.

Their use just before sleep enables the deepest health benefits because of the extended time the mind and body are offered the balancing reset.

Can I use my Becalm Balls while sitting in a chair?
You can use them in a chair, but it is more effective to lie down and allow the full weight of your head to be cradled by the balls. This ensures deep relaxation.

Can my child use Becalm Balls?
Yes. The gentleness of the soft foam allows children to use the Becalm Balls. They need to be placed evenly across the back of the head and not too wide apart. For a child, the feeling is similar to laying back on their mother’s chest.

When is the best time to use Becalm Balls?
Use whenever you are seeking immediate pain reduction, stress control, or renewal. Use Becalm Balls before bed or more frequently to maximize results. Extensive gains in your health are possible from using Becalm Balls.

I feel energized after using Becalm Balls. Is this a normal effect?
Yes. Feeling energized after using Becalm Balls is an effect for many people. The relaxation you experience is restorative and refreshing. In addition, the environments surrounding the brain and spinal cord (the craniosacral system) receive benefits from using Becalm Balls. There is an increase in the production and movement of the fluid that bathes the central nervous system. This creates a natural rise of energy as you return from your deep, relaxed state. This may feel like an re-ignition or re-starting of your system.

Why am I so thirsty after using Becalm Balls?
You get thirsty for two reasons. 1) The extra urine you produce during deep relaxation uses up fluid. 2) The improved vitality of the central nervous system and its environment requires more fluid.

How can I care for my Becalm Balls so that they last a long time?
When laying on Becalm Balls, rest quietly. Don’t move about and grind your head, neck or back into them. Clean the surface of becalm balls by gently wiping them with a damp cloth. Keep them away from pets, infants and teething children. When not in use, store them in the sac provided, in a roomy area away from sharp objects.

Why do I sometimes feel dizzy during or after I use Becalm Balls?
Blood pressure naturally drops (slightly) during deep relaxation. This drop can cause light headedness. However, there is nothing to be worried about when dizziness occurs – this is not unsafe or a risk to your health. Also, the release of tension in our body can bring about internal shifts that make our normal sense of self go through some re-adjustments.

If I have any problems or questions about how to use my Becalm Balls, where can I find help?
We are available by phone at our toll free number: 1-877-345-1542 or through our contact form.